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Including the order Thysanoptera Thrips and family Thripidae

Including the order Thysanoptera Thrips and family Thripidae. These pests are predators of all types of plants (polifag).
Symptoms: attack by sucking the liquid surface of the leaf, especially young leaves (shoots).
Control: is done by reducing the variety of types of host plants around the garden jasmine and spraying insecticides mangkus: WP Mesurol 50, Pegasus 500 SC / Dicarzol 25 SP.
Peudococcus scales (Psuedococcus longispinus): Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia         These pests include the order Homoptera Pseudococcidae and families that live in groups on the surface of the leaf stalk shoots and bottom to resemble scales gray or yellowish.
Symptoms: attack plants by sucking plant cell fluids and fluid dispensing honey.
Control: performed by spraying insecticides mangkus, for example Bassa 500 EC / EC Nogos 50.
Caterpillars nausinoe (Nausinoe geometralis):
These pests include the order Lepidoptera and the family Pyralidae.
Feature: brown moth with an average body length of 12 mm and a length of approximately a wing span of 24 mm and a brown speckled transparent.
Symptoms: attack leaves jasmine plant are identical (same) with P. unionalis worm attack.
Other Pests. :
Another pest is often found mealybug (Dialeurodes citri) and tick shell (scale insects). Flocking attached to the branches, twigs and shoots of the jasmine plants, attacked by sucking the fluid cell, so that the process of photosynthesis (metabolism).
Control is done by spraying insecticides mangkus, as Perfekthion 400 EC / Decis 2.5 EC.
7.2. Disease

Leaf blight:
Cause: The fungus (mushroom) Rhizcotonia solani Kuhn.
Symptoms: attack the leaves are located near the soil surface.
Hawar thread (Thread Blight):
Cause: The fungus Marasmiellus scandens (Mass.).
Symptoms: attack the branches of jasmine plants.
Flower blight (Flower Blight):
Cause: The fungus (mushroom) Curvularia Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia  sp. Fusarium and Phoma sp sp.
Symptoms: flowers rot, brown and sometimes fall flowers.
Mushrooms policeman:

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