Friday, May 30, 2014

Once evenly mixed media then put into

Once evenly mixed media then put into polybag seedlings derukuran 8cmx10cm size. Seeds embedded into the media of 1 item / media. for accelerating the germination of seeds put in the dark, could be closing thrust way up to the sun can also ill get in the way of media surface covered with burlap / sarlon / paranet or mulch can also use PHP then guarded the main humid. (Tampa actually darken the room also seeds will grow Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014but the time will be much longer than the open)
If the seeds have germinated then opening the lid surface seedling media do then do penyungkupan with transparent plastic. To do enough air circulation mulch periodically opening at 07:00 to 09:00, and 15:00 to 17:00 hours. After a 14-day-old seedlings by planting mulch should be opened full aims to strengthening crop so as not to suffer from stress when grown in the field. For Watering should not be too wet and effort. Penberian done drugs fueled peyemprotan active fungicide and insecticide-fueled simoksanil imidakloprid active at the age of 30 HSS (days after sowing) with a dose of ½ of the lowest dose. If the seed-me-downs have 4 true leaves ready for planting the land transfer.
How Planting Papaya Open polybag seedlings Input into the pit that was completed two weeks ago (have to dig a little question had been exposed to rain) Compact the soil to compact, this meant that the land was in the polybag and in the Embankment soil quickly coalesce and be more lecap merayapnya. More will be more rapid growth in darkness. Then do the watering, until saturated soil until the cavities closed with sprinkling expect this.

Embroidery, though the planting is done carefully but still there are only dead plants pepeya especially if we plant in large quantities, so do embroidery. But the stitching is done only crop up with age 1.5 months. Why only at the age of 1.5 months crop? Because plant-me-downs too old when sown later will still continue to influence pest diseases.
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

SHRIMP cultivation

SHRIMP cultivationFacilities and AmenitiesThe type of soil that is suitable for the Jadwal Bolamaintenance of ground shrimp Galah is a bit muddy and not poreous . Pond area used can vary between 0.2 s / d 0.1 ha . Preferably rectangular pool with a depth of between 0.5 s / d 1.0 m . The bottom should be flat and made ​​kemalir ( caren ) diagonally from the inlet canal to kesaluran disposal , it is easy harvesting . Quality of water entering the pond should be well and free from pollution .management poolBefore the prawns stocked pond , pool should be prepared well in advance by way of :1 . Parking dried first then hoe to loosen the soil and leave for 3 s / d 5 days .2 . To combat pests and diseases are given chalk bottom of the pool with a dose of 50 s / d 100 gr/m2 , lime mixed with water and then spread evenly throughout the surface of the pond and left to stand for 2 s / d 3 days .3 . Then pools filled with water reaches a predetermined depth and then given an organic fertilizer such as chicken manure as much as 500-1000 gr/m2 with the intent to grow natural food . MaintenanceSeed shrimp pond is maintained ready stadia shrimp juveniles (juvenile / young shrimp ) or tokolan . Maintenance can be done in two ways :1 . MonocultureMaintenance is the maintenance of shrimp in monoculture in ponds without fish mixed with another . Density is as much as 5 s / d 10 ekor/m2 when feeding is not intense , and 20 s / d 30 ekor/m2 when feeding intensively .2 . PolycultureMaintenance is maintenance ririskiky shrimp pond polyculture together with other fish . The fish can be cultivated with small shrimp is mola fish , fish Tawes , nilem fish , and fish "big head " . Prawn stocking density as much as 1 s / d 5 ekor/m2 tokolan size , while the fish stocking density 5 s / d 10 ekor/m2 size 5 s / d 8 cm . During the subsequent fertilization maintenance can be performed every 2 s / d 3 weeks with urea 3 s / d 5 kg and TSP 5 s / d 10 kg / ha pond .feedingIn addition to natural foods , for maintenance prawns should be given an additional form of pelleted shrimp feed with protein content of 25
Judi Bola Onlines / d 30 % for natural foods are available depending on the level of fertility of pond waters . In monoculture maintenance amount given additional feed decreased from 20 % to 5 % of the total weight of the population, with a frequency of 4 s / d 5 times a day . While in the maintenance of polyculture additional amount of feed given from 6 % to 3 % decrease from the total weight of the population, with a frequency of 4 s / d 5 times

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Harvest sweet corn cultivation

Harvest sweet corn cultivation
Sweet corn started flowering after 50 days . Ten days before the main harvest , corn harvest should be done . At this time the two will grow corn cob , cob
Kontes Seo 2014  picking the bottom . Harvesting young cob is so that the intake of nutrients in the main cob fulfilled , so that maximum results . In addition to picking the young cobs , leaves papaslah bottom strands 2-3 . If reappeared young fruit buds before the main harvest , Pluck the strings skillfully as an additional crop . The main harvest of sweet corn cultivation can be done after 65-75 days old plants .
This method is suitable harvest as performed for one type of plant sweet corn cobs . This type is used widely by farmers in Indonesia , such as varieties Selection DRAMAGA - 2 ( SD - 2 ) . There are also varieties of sweet corn cobs 2 , where two co
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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Completion of Facilities & Equipment
Manufacturing shed should use materials bargain & easily available like bamboo , thatch, container board , ijuk & clay tile . One example of a permanent enclosure for large-scale farms are man-sized 1.5 x 18 m with 0.45 m high . Made therein tiered shelves as maintenance platforms . Building enclosures are wearable without walls ( open building ) .
Pulau Tidung Farming system models / beternak , among other things remaining shelves , boxes stacked , tiered or fishing rod lined ..
Preparation required in the cultivation of earthworms is meramu media grows , providing superior seeds , preparing the stables worms & protective enclosures .
Seed Selection Candidate Master
We suggest that the earthworm beternak used commercially available seed -me-downs as required in large amount to . But when will start small scale dr camp was worn spark dr earthworm classification, which Dr. YG rotting piles of trash or rubbish dump animal dr .
Master Candidate Conservation Seeds
Preservation fissile be several ways :
earthworm preservation profusely suitable vantage point used . Earthworm electable cub or adult . If a nest high measuring around 0.3 m long, 2.5 m & width less than 1 m , camp accommodated about 10,000 adult earthworm tail .
preservation began with a small amount . If the number has increased , some earthworms transferred to another vessel .
preservation combination means a & b .
cocoon dedicated to child care , adult after transfer to another vessel .
Special care of the adult worms as seeds .
system Pemuliabiakan
When the media is ready & rearing earthworms seed is already there, then planting camp immediately implemented in the preservation repository . Existing seed earthworms not once inserted into the media , but should be attempted little by little . Some seeds of earthworms placed on the media , then observed the worm seeds into the media or not . If seen in, new spark the others put worms . Every 3 hours once observed , there may vagrant on the media or somebody left media ( platforms ) . When a 12- hour leave no such platform means that earthworms are suitable stand & media . On the other hand if the media do not
Taruhan Bola Online match, the worm will roam the surface of the media . To overcome this, the media should be immediately replaced with a new kind . Improvements made ​​in good wearable watered with water , then squeezed to the water color look perasannya clear ( not black or dark brown ) .