Sunday, May 4, 2014


Completion of Facilities & Equipment
Manufacturing shed should use materials bargain & easily available like bamboo , thatch, container board , ijuk & clay tile . One example of a permanent enclosure for large-scale farms are man-sized 1.5 x 18 m with 0.45 m high . Made therein tiered shelves as maintenance platforms . Building enclosures are wearable without walls ( open building ) .
Pulau Tidung Farming system models / beternak , among other things remaining shelves , boxes stacked , tiered or fishing rod lined ..
Preparation required in the cultivation of earthworms is meramu media grows , providing superior seeds , preparing the stables worms & protective enclosures .
Seed Selection Candidate Master
We suggest that the earthworm beternak used commercially available seed -me-downs as required in large amount to . But when will start small scale dr camp was worn spark dr earthworm classification, which Dr. YG rotting piles of trash or rubbish dump animal dr .
Master Candidate Conservation Seeds
Preservation fissile be several ways :
earthworm preservation profusely suitable vantage point used . Earthworm electable cub or adult . If a nest high measuring around 0.3 m long, 2.5 m & width less than 1 m , camp accommodated about 10,000 adult earthworm tail .
preservation began with a small amount . If the number has increased , some earthworms transferred to another vessel .
preservation combination means a & b .
cocoon dedicated to child care , adult after transfer to another vessel .
Special care of the adult worms as seeds .
system Pemuliabiakan
When the media is ready & rearing earthworms seed is already there, then planting camp immediately implemented in the preservation repository . Existing seed earthworms not once inserted into the media , but should be attempted little by little . Some seeds of earthworms placed on the media , then observed the worm seeds into the media or not . If seen in, new spark the others put worms . Every 3 hours once observed , there may vagrant on the media or somebody left media ( platforms ) . When a 12- hour leave no such platform means that earthworms are suitable stand & media . On the other hand if the media do not
Taruhan Bola Online match, the worm will roam the surface of the media . To overcome this, the media should be immediately replaced with a new kind . Improvements made ​​in good wearable watered with water , then squeezed to the water color look perasannya clear ( not black or dark brown ) .

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