Saturday, May 24, 2014

SHRIMP cultivation

SHRIMP cultivationFacilities and AmenitiesThe type of soil that is suitable for the Jadwal Bolamaintenance of ground shrimp Galah is a bit muddy and not poreous . Pond area used can vary between 0.2 s / d 0.1 ha . Preferably rectangular pool with a depth of between 0.5 s / d 1.0 m . The bottom should be flat and made ​​kemalir ( caren ) diagonally from the inlet canal to kesaluran disposal , it is easy harvesting . Quality of water entering the pond should be well and free from pollution .management poolBefore the prawns stocked pond , pool should be prepared well in advance by way of :1 . Parking dried first then hoe to loosen the soil and leave for 3 s / d 5 days .2 . To combat pests and diseases are given chalk bottom of the pool with a dose of 50 s / d 100 gr/m2 , lime mixed with water and then spread evenly throughout the surface of the pond and left to stand for 2 s / d 3 days .3 . Then pools filled with water reaches a predetermined depth and then given an organic fertilizer such as chicken manure as much as 500-1000 gr/m2 with the intent to grow natural food . MaintenanceSeed shrimp pond is maintained ready stadia shrimp juveniles (juvenile / young shrimp ) or tokolan . Maintenance can be done in two ways :1 . MonocultureMaintenance is the maintenance of shrimp in monoculture in ponds without fish mixed with another . Density is as much as 5 s / d 10 ekor/m2 when feeding is not intense , and 20 s / d 30 ekor/m2 when feeding intensively .2 . PolycultureMaintenance is maintenance ririskiky shrimp pond polyculture together with other fish . The fish can be cultivated with small shrimp is mola fish , fish Tawes , nilem fish , and fish "big head " . Prawn stocking density as much as 1 s / d 5 ekor/m2 tokolan size , while the fish stocking density 5 s / d 10 ekor/m2 size 5 s / d 8 cm . During the subsequent fertilization maintenance can be performed every 2 s / d 3 weeks with urea 3 s / d 5 kg and TSP 5 s / d 10 kg / ha pond .feedingIn addition to natural foods , for maintenance prawns should be given an additional form of pelleted shrimp feed with protein content of 25
Judi Bola Onlines / d 30 % for natural foods are available depending on the level of fertility of pond waters . In monoculture maintenance amount given additional feed decreased from 20 % to 5 % of the total weight of the population, with a frequency of 4 s / d 5 times a day . While in the maintenance of polyculture additional amount of feed given from 6 % to 3 % decrease from the total weight of the population, with a frequency of 4 s / d 5 times

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