Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Harvest sweet corn cultivation

Harvest sweet corn cultivation
Sweet corn started flowering after 50 days . Ten days before the main harvest , corn harvest should be done . At this time the two will grow corn cob , cob
Kontes Seo 2014  picking the bottom . Harvesting young cob is so that the intake of nutrients in the main cob fulfilled , so that maximum results . In addition to picking the young cobs , leaves papaslah bottom strands 2-3 . If reappeared young fruit buds before the main harvest , Pluck the strings skillfully as an additional crop . The main harvest of sweet corn cultivation can be done after 65-75 days old plants .
This method is suitable harvest as performed for one type of plant sweet corn cobs . This type is used widely by farmers in Indonesia , such as varieties Selection DRAMAGA - 2 ( SD - 2 ) . There are also varieties of sweet corn cobs 2 , where two co
Agen Bola Indonesiabs of corn left to grow until the end of the harvest .

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