Saturday, April 26, 2014

Guava plants during the dry season is in need of watering

  Guava plants during the dry season is in need of watering, so that the soil remains moist. When I was young, during the first 2 weeks the young plants need to be watered 1-2 times a day.
Fruit Packaging e.Penjarangan
Fruit thinning is done when the fruit of thumb,
Jasa SEO Profesional by removing the defective fruit or shape is not perfect; and once done wrapping. Each cluster is maintained 4-6 pieces only so that we will get the standard amount of fruit.
Other f.Pemeliharaan
Form a tree: done after reaching a height of 2 meters, with a height of 1.35 to 1.5 m from ground level. For maintenance: done at any time except when the plants are flowering, trim parts are old and dead dahanyang dry. For rejuvenation: cut the entire plant is already too old, does not produce or pests.
a.Ulat butterfly elephant
Feature: 12 cm long, light green bluish, fat and soft, covered in a layer of whitish wax. Eggs placed at the edge of the leaf, 2-3 grains together, the color pink. The pupae were among some leaves or on the bottom of leaves. The caterpillars eat the leaves are very greedy. Control: by collecting eggs, caterpillar, and chrysalis to be destroyed.
b.Kutu green shield
Feature: fleas 3-5 mm long, green (sometimes reddish). Attached to parts of the tree are green and on the underside of leaves. The fungus causes black as soot. Control: natural ways are eaten by some kind of ladybug (red, blue length of 5 mm and a length of 6 mm) and caterpillars (pink color, length 13 mm). Fleas are in the rainy season could be wiped out by some kind of fungus attack.
c.Keluang and Flying-Fox
Control: fruits are almost old bag wrapped in paper / rags.
d.Pasilan or parasite
Control: removed and cleaned.
e.Lalat fruit (Dacus pedestris)
Fruits and leaves are attacked by this worm. The flies lay their eggs on the flesh of the fruit, so after hatching larvae eat the guava fruit. Control: with insecticide Diazinon or Bayrusil are sprayed onto the tree, leaves and fruit are still a nipple with
Jasa SEO Murah the recommended dose.
f.Penggerek rod
Control: a way obstruct soaked cotton insecticide Diazinon or Bayrusil digerek rod into the hole.

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