Wednesday, April 2, 2014

But , What else is hard work . "

But , What else is hard work . "
These words would suggest that you only decent work in this place . If you feel deserve better , then you will be able to get it . If you feel unable to seek better , then now is the proper place for you . Bitter ? No, there are still opportunities to improve yourself of your worthiness . That became a problem when you do not feel you can improve the quality of your self .
Just think , if you stop working , how many people are ready to replace you ? I'm sure there are thousands of people there who are ready . Is not it difficult to find a job ?So , I Menyukuri What Should I Already Have At It
Yes , of course . If you are grateful , God willing , you will gain more favor . This is the promise of God , can not be wrong . Can the company you work for or could be from anywhere . How to give favors that God is not limited by any company ,
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Then what is the evidence of our gratitude ? The trick is to take advantage of opportunities and blessings God gave optimally and in a way that God approves . What happens if we waste God's favor has been given to us ? If we lose the motivation to work , not working properly , and carelessly, it is a waste of God's favor .
So increasing the motivation of the work is a form of ingratitude towards God , that is a job and you get sustenance .So What If The mendzalimi Tops Company Or Employees ?

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