Sunday, March 23, 2014

predictions about a person's blood type

as it turns out the information for you in Japan, predictions about a person's blood type is determined by more than a zodiac or the zodiac. Why? He said that the blood type is determined by the specific proteins that build all the cells in our body and  Jasa SEO Bergaransi therefore also determine our psychology. Mmmhh ... makes sense, right to know the details of the personality of each blood type, the following explanation.

NATURE OF THE UMUMA: Organized, consistent, high spirit of cooperation, but always anxious (because perfectionists) that sometimes make easy org resentful, political leanings: 'destra'B: nyantai, easy going, free, and most enjoy life, political leanings : 'sinistra'O: big hearted, sociable, do not want relented, allergies in the detail, political leanings:' centro'AB: Unique, nyleneh, resourceful, double personality, political leanings

  • BY URUTANYang easiest ngaret matter of time: 1 B (because nyantai continued) 2 O (as flamboyant) 3 AB (as easily replace the program) 4 A (for failing in discipline)
  • The most difficult person to tolerate errors: 1 A (as a perfectionist and narsismenya too big) 2 B (as easy going but also easy judging / easy to accuse / judge) 3 AB (because of different origin) 4 O (judging easy but also easy pardoning / simple apology)
  • Most can be trusted: 1 A (for consistent and law-abiding) 2 O (in order to maintain balance) 3 B (in order to maintain the enjoyment of life) 4 AB (easy to change the frame of reference)
  • Most preferred to be friends: 1 O (his sportsmanship) 2 A (always on time and exactly) 3 AB (creative) 4 B (depending on mood)
  • In contrast, most disebelin friend / disliked: 1 B (selfish, easy come easy go, wants own) 2 AB (double standard) 3 A (too observant and scrupulous) 4 O (difficult to budge)

CONCERNING THE BRAIN AND KEMAMPUANYang easiest stray / lost: 1 B2 A3 O4 AB The most medals in the Olympics sports: 1 O (sports champion) 2 A (exact and mathematically) 3 B (not affected by the pressure of the surrounding. Nearly all athletes judo, swimming and wrestling japan bergoldaro) 4 AB (allergic to any type of exercise)

The most widely so directors and leaders: 1 O AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  (because of spirited leadership and problem-solver/penyelesei problem) 2 A (karen impersonal 'minute' and conscientious) 3 B (as it is sensitive and easy to take decisions) 4 AB (as creative and love take the risk)

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