Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It would be better punctuated nursery

It would be better punctuated nursery / plus SUPERNASA 1-2 times 3-4 month intervals with a dose of 1 bottle to ± 400 seedlings . 1 bottle SUPER NASA diluted in 4 liter ( 4000 ml ) of water used as mother liquor . Then every 1 liter of water Kontes SEO Sebagai sarana Promosi Yang Bergengsi  was given 10 ml of mother liquor was for watering each seedling .D. Planting• Planting TechniquesCoconut cropping systems1 . quadrangle2 . Equilateral triangles3 . square4 . fence system- Spacing is measured in the horizontal plane instead of by the topography of the land .- Direction row made ​​North - South shng optimal utilization of solar light
• Determination of Planting PatternGood cropping system is a triangular planting system for land utilization and capture maximum sunlight would . Spacing 9 x 9 x 9 meters , with the amount of crop patterns will be more 15 % of the square system .
• Hole Making PlantPreparation of the planting hole made ​​at least 1-2 months before planting to eliminate the acidity of the soil , with a size of 60 x 60 x 60 cm up to 100 x 100 x 100 cm . Making holes in the sloping land ( > 20o ) is done by making individual terrace width 1:25 m in the direction of the slope above and 1 m in the direction of the slope below it . Terrace sloped 10 degrees to the inside .
• Planting MethodPlanting is done at the beginning of the rainy season , after rain fell regularly and enough to wet the soil ; planting time is in the month following the previous month's rainfall reached 200 mm . The method of planting is as follows :Top soil ( soil surface between 0-25 cm )
Teknik Memenangkan Kontes SEO was mixed with 300 grams of phosphate fertilizer per hole and inserted into the planting hole .Polybag circular cut on the bottom , inserted into the planting hole , and made ​​up to the end of the wedge , bejkas poly bag hung on a stake next to assure that the poly bag is removed from the planting hole . Planting should be the same direction .Seeds ditimbuan land located in the south and north hole , compacted with ketebalajn 3-5 cm above the seed husk of coconut .The need seeds 1 ha , if a spacing of 9 x 9x 9 m , an equilateral triangle , is 143 stems and seed reserves to be provided for 17 batangj embroidery , so the number of seedlings to be supplied 160 rods .• Put mulch .After planting , the soil around tanjaman covered with mulch ( green leaves of the bushes , weeds or other grasses and straw ) .
E. Maintenance of Plant• Spacing and StitchingStitching is done to the plants that grow dwarf pests and diseases and died , performed during the rainy season after the previous crop didongkel and burned in the dry season . Plant needs depends on the climate and intensity of maintenance usually for 143 stems / ha 17 rods .
• WeedingWeeding is done on disc 1 meter in width , 1.5 meters in the second , third and 2 meters . The way to use leftovers or machete swung inward , cutting weeds to the extent weeding the soil surface at intervals of 4 weeks ( the rainy season ) or 6 weeks - 2 months ( dry season )• PembubunanDone after the plant produces by way of the top of the heap soil around the tree to cover the surface of the trunk portion close to the root .
• PerempalanMade to cover the leaves and flowers that have been dried ( brown ) , by way of climbing coconut trees to fall or be left alone .
• FertilizationFertilization is done when the soil is not able to meet the required nutrients .- At the age of 1 month were given
Belajar SEO Untuk Pemula 100 grams of urea / tree spread at a distance of 15 cm from the base of the stem .- An additional 2 times a year ie in April / May ( end of the rainy season ) and in October / November ( beginning of the rainy season ) .
• Method of fertilizer application :spread in a circle surrounding the plant . Fertilizer N , K , Mg administered concurrently while P 2 weeks earlier . Prior to nitrogen fertilizer is given , digemburkan ground to avoid mixing with phosphate fertilizer as it can be detrimental . In immature disebarkaan 30 cm from the base of the stem to the edge of the canopy . Cover with soil fertilizer distribution area

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