Saturday, September 27, 2014

Leaf taro / taro or sente (algebra) are old

Leaf taro / taro or sente (algebra) are old, usually no matter how much food is given, will be pulled by live carp to his bones. It is advisable to agen bola plant it in the moor itself taro pond, house or yard, because carp can not live without taro, to be elders taro.
     Cassava cassava leaves
     Papaya Leaf - Less recommended is given to the source Gurame for damaging the egg sac.
     Swamp Cabbage leaves
     Sweet potato leaves - Also not recommended to be given to the source of carp.
     Toge - can mung bean sprouts, red bean sprouts and bean sprouts of young rice seedlings.
     Pelet- Some breeders make their own pellets comprising bran, fish meal, soybean meal, meat and flour proteins additional antibiotics for 10 tablets per 100 kg of pellets.
     Corn on the cob. Very good to accelerate maturity "gonade" thus shortening the time of spawning. Given the amount of corn on the cob 3-5% weight parent. According to Heru Susanto, eggs mature at the age of 45-60 days could be shortened to 25-30 days.

Method of administration by putting corn on bamboo 0.5 x 0.5 meters, and sunk about 15 cm with a distance of 0.5 m from the edge of the pond. Choose a sheltered place and where fish congregate.

Even if we assume that the carp
GLOBALBOLA.COM AGEN BOLA ONLINE SBOBET IBCBET TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA DI INDONESIA is being vegetarians, but they do not reject the child ant (Kroto), bran, tofu, peanut meal. Even some farmers put an oil lamp sidelines if he saw many serangka fly.
These insects are attracted to light, and when they approached last fall, then carp devour with joy.

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