Friday, September 5, 2014

At temperatures above 10 degrees C

At temperatures above 10 degrees C, the bees are still active.
- The life of a colony on the slopes of mountains / highlands normal temperature (25 degrees C).
- Bees preferred location is the open, away from the crowds, and there are many flowers as feed.

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         If there bee box pack, but for now it is still not production

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anymore. Related hrga versatility, quickness bpak danlokasi how many boxes there where? ?? Sorry new reply, the father can sms or call directly to my number. Usually when a box ready to honey season cottonwoods. Thanks ...

11. Move kekotak after the queen had aman.bila need a queen in the connective dg small thread or confinement to back for a matchbox with a mosquito screen.

12. Ignore while the bees are flying there kemari.setelah one knows the position of the queen bee, it is not how long will accumulate lebah2 swarming queen.
  JanTayu ServiceRacun the sting is very suitable for the treatment of various diseases. Bees are cultivated by most farmers in the world originally came from mainland Europe.

Capital required in honey beekeeping is a basic knowledge in beekeeping honey, fixed capital investment required in beekeeping activity for some period of harvesting, including the means of production and honey bee colony is ideally a minimum of 40 Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya  boxes 100 boxes of honey bee colonies.

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