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In today's modern times many people have started thinking to actually maintain their own health .

In today's modern times many people have started thinking to actually maintain their own health . Where they started from the foods they eat , they are trying to eat healthy foods and fruits and natural without preservatives and Obat Pembesar Penis Vimaxfree from chemicals . Now sought organic foods free from pesticides and which contains anti -oxidants to ward off free radicals in the body . And one of them is that they are looking for guava fruit . Guava now has a pretty good prospect and promise as well as easy in cultivation and marketing .
Well ... for friends who want to cultivate guava , here I try to describe and explain how the planting and maintenance .
1.Dimulai of land preparation , land preparation starts from the groundbreaking that the land becomes loose and free from disturbing crops and weeds . Penggemburan could also do with piracy , even with piracy can scarify the soil deeper. Then made ​​beds - beds with a width of 4 meters , and the length adjusted to the conditions existing land . Between beds made ​​trenches for water sanitation to help us in the future watering . With a width of 40cm and depth of 30cm , see figure below .

2.After land and
Grosir Tanah Abangseedbed ready then we make a hole with a size of 40cm x 40cm with a depth of 40cm also with the distance between holes 2 feet . Then filled with a mixture of soil , manure and chaff in the ratio 3,1,2 . So if the ground 3 buckets chaff 1 2 buckets and buckets of manure mixed and inserted into the hole , and left about 30 days before planting seedlings .

3.Lahan who had left 30 days guava seedlings ready for planting . Grafts guava seedlings that are ready then stay inserted into the prepared hole . For seeds you just come to the sale of agricultural seeds which are now widely scattered and you just choose the type of guava seeds you want . But now this is the latest type of nut type crystals with thick white flesh . But for this kind of possibility that seeds are still scarce in the market .
4.Tinggal care , maintenance and fertilization . Fertilization is done after 6 months of implantation by means of a hole created around the cashew tree trunk at a distance of about 20 - 25cm . For good results fertilization can be performed at intervals of 6 months .For the maintenance is done by watering every evening until the age of 1 month , the next interval of 3 days or approximately 've seen dry land .For treatment we can do the pruning unproductive branches and twig pruning i
Agen Bola Terpercayas already long . By pruning the shoots will stimulate new shoots that will produce flowers that would later become fruit .Flowers are a lot of us leave to be a guava fruit is small, and if there is one branch 5-6 pieces then we must do the exhaust that is not too heavy so it will grow to a maximum of guava fruit for their food needs met . In 1 with 2-3 branches enough is enough fruit to nuts will form so large .To avoid guava fruit rot after the caterpillars are mature or can be done by wrapping , because the cause of the rot is the fruit fly . By wrapping the fruit flies will not be able meneluri the fruit. And packaging can be done when the wing nut is still small and the flowers have started to dry and fall . For wrappers we used to use transparent plastic the size of at least 1 kg .Each plant will inevitably be a pest intruder , as well as the guava tree pests that commonly there is a leaf caterpillars and ants both red ants and black ants . To repel these pests can with organic spraying of yam tubers ( thorny vines ) are shredded and fermented at least 1 month then filtered and mixed with water for spraying .And for spraying chemical pesticides bias withAgen Judi Online low doses only.
Harvesting is done when the fruit is completely ripe fruit that is characterized by the color that has yellow flesh color to pink to red and pink crystals because the white meat can be harvested when the nuts are already white and ready for harvest sorted and separated according to quality .
Well ... easy right? ? friends, hopefully with a little bit of writing I can to motivate you to try to develop myself , to concern themselves with things that could be useful and of course for entrepreneurs that can increase the financial income of all family friends .
And if there is one word and the words are less pleased me as a writer apologize profusely , thank you and good luck .
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