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Other Names [edit | edit source]

Other Names [edit | edit source] In this occasion I tried to share knowledge on iron and my friends mothers whose hobby is coInvestasioking. Because this article relates to the kitchen. Oh yes .. Mothers would know dong yes "leaves" than useful as a seasoning mixture turns leaves many health benefits you know. But on this occasion I am not going to discuss the benefits of bay leaf, but I try to give my penagalaman based on personal knowledge. Initially just try-boba, want to live, it works well not baseball papa. How do I know? he .. he. easy mothers really know, I just broke one of the principal branches of greetings and i plug it in fertile soil and the other rod I tried planting in flower pots very pleasant result. For those who love to cook have to try this dong ...
Salam has many names are:

Malay: serai Ubar [2]
Sundanese, Javanese and Madurese: Salam [2]
Kangean: kastolam [2]
Java: Manting [3]
Sumatra: meselengan [3]
Usefulness [edit | edit source] Flowers clustered greetings
Bay leaves are used primarily as a cooking spice fragrances in a number of countries in Southeast Asia, both for cooking meat
Jadwal Bola, fish, vegetables, and rice. This leaves intact mixed, dried or fresh, and the food is also cooked until done. [4] This spice gives a distinctive herbaceous aroma but not hard. In the market and in the kitchen, greeting often paired with ginger aka galangal.
The wood is reddish orange brown and medium quality. Timber belonging to the brown wood (trade name) can be used as building materials and home furnishings. The bark contains tannin greeting, often used as Ubar (for coloring and preserving) mesh, woven from bamboo material and others. Bark and leaves are commonly used as traditional ingredients to cure stomach ache. Fruit edible greeting people as well, although only children who love it. [1] Usefulness of Traditional Medicine [edit | edit source]
Traditionally, leaves are used as an upset stomach. [1] Bay leaves can also be used to stop excessive bowel movements. [5] Laurel can also be used to overcome gout, stroke, high cholesterol, blood circulation, inflammation stomach, diarrhea, rashes, diabetes, and others. [6]
The use of medicinal leaves are caused by the ingredient that is the dried leaves contained about 0.17% essential oil, eugenol and the
Judi Bola Online essential components kavikol methyl (methyl chavicol) in it. Ethanol extract of the leaves showed antifungal and antibacterial effect, while the methanol extract is anticacing, especially on pine wood nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. [4] Chemical Ingredients contained in these plants is essential oils, tannins, and flavonoids. Parts of trees that can be used as medicine are the leaves, bark, roots, and fruit. [6]

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